is a platform which offers professional photographers, graphic designers and keen amateurs the chance to present to the public their pictures, designs etc. free of charge. The copyright owners place their own work in the picture and graphic databank and then provide other Users the ability to download and use the work within the framework of the following User terms and conditions.

The works contained in can be used for editorial and commercial purposes – with the exception of commercial advertising – having been placed by the copyright owners for interested Users. For this the copyright owners guarantee the Users a licence for the use of their uploaded work in accordance with the Service Provider’s draft contract.

The website is divided into two areas. The public area is available to all interested visitors to the website ‘’. This area contains, amongst other things, general information and the ability to view all uploaded Works. The membership area is only for registered Users and allows them, in addition to the services of the public area, the right to upload and download Works placed on and made available by the website under the terms of the Service Provider’s draft contract.

The non-profit-making association ‘Stimme der Hoffnung e.V’ runs (‘Service Provider’). The mission statement of the association is the spreading of the gospel of Jesus Christ based on the Old and New Testaments of the Bible through mass media communication such as radio, television and the internet.

The use of the platform is free of charge.